‘Sadistic’ Oldham couple jailed after violent torture leaves ex-partner scarred for life

  • Sarah Davies and Steven Wynnyk been sentenced to 15 years in prison
  • Couple were responsible for kidnap, blackmail and assault of an Oldham man last summer
  • Victim was left with 'lifelong physical and mental scars' according to Detective Alldritt of GMP Oldham

A “sadistic” couple have been jailed for the violent kidnap and torture of an Oldham man that left him scarred for life. 

Sarah Davies, 33, and Steven Wynnyk, 41, were sentenced to more than 15 years in prison after the violent kidnap, blackmail and assault of a man.

The couple, who were jailed at Manchester Minshull Street crown court, tortured the victim for more than 12 hours in an attack last summer.

The victim, a man in his 40s, was left with “lifelong physical and mental scars” from the assault, according to Detective Sergeant Keri Alldritt, of GMP Oldham.

The victim arranged to meet ex-partner Davies at Edmund Street on 4 August, where Wynnyk proceeded to assault and torture him.

He was beaten with a metal pole before being subjected to more than12 hours of mental and physical abuse, including throwing boiling water on his head and demanding money.

Wynnyk and Davies then put a bag on the victim’s head and drove him to various Oldham locations while inflicting cigarette burns, including to the victim’s mother’s address to demand money.

The couple took hundreds of pounds in cash and via bank transfer before releasing the victim and fleeing the scene.

Sarah Davies Oldham torture arrested GMP
Sarah Davies

The victim was left “traumatised” by the attack, enduring partial thickness burns to the head, a laceration to the back of the head and scarring from cigarette burns.

A report of the violent attack was received the next day and the offenders were arrested before being charged with 10 offences between them.

Davies pleaded guilty on the first day of the trial to single counts of kidnap and blackmail, whereas Wynnyk was found unanimously guilty after the seven day trial of all eight counts of kidnap, blackmail and assault.

Wynnyk was sentenced to nine years in jail, and Davies was ordered to serve six years and four months.

Steven Wynnyk Oldham torture arrested GMP
Steven Wynnyk

Judge Mark Savill also suggested that a victim surcharge and compensation for the victim would be established.

Detective Alldritt said: “Whatever sentence was to be passed down today, nothing could change the fact that the victim of this prolonged and violent attack will be subjected to lifelong physical and mental scars.

“Wynnyk and Davies should be utterly ashamed of their remorseless and almost sadistic actions and it is right that they spend such a lengthy spell behind bars to reflect on the misery they have inflicted on an innocent man.

“Serious and violent crime such as this can often go unnoticed in communities but this case shows that any information we get about such attacks will be robustly investigated and offenders will be resoundingly brought to justice.”