Rubber Ducky Records: Ancoat’s Unique Floating Record Store

Rubber Ducky Records has been charming electronic music enthusiasts from its vibrant yellow boat docked on Rochdale Canal in Ancoats. This unique record store emerged after the previous version sank en route to Manchester due to an accidental collision with an abandoned rug.

Owner Myles Greenwood, driven by the desire to save on rent and inspired by a walk along the canal after a night out, decided to set up shop on a boat. He purchased an old boat from a drag queen in London and undertook extensive renovations to transform it into the eye-catching, presentable store it is today.

Inspiration For Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky Studio. Photo credit: Ukamaka Eunice Iyede

“Inspiration struck while I was walking the canal,” Myles recalls. “Originally, the shop was going to be in either Leeds or Manchester. But after that walk, the idea of a canal boat store came alive!”

Rubber Ducky Records is now an iconic attraction for music lovers, blending the beats of electronic music with the serene surroundings of the Rochdale Canal. “It’s unique as it’s on the boat! No other record shop in the world is on a canal boat,” says Myles. “The music still must be of high quality though! It’s not just a gimmick!”

The store’s popularity stems from the quality of its second-hand music, the intriguing story of the sinking and relaunch, and the allure of vinyl in a digital world. “The format is the highest quality, and the memories attached to buying, playing, and sharing are fantastic. People get really attached to an individual record,” Myles explains.

The Initial Leap

Myles identifies his biggest challenge as taking the initial leap from full-time work into the unknown. “Even though the business had to be relaunched after the sinking, the support I received was incredible, which made the motivation much easier.”

Myles Greenwood in the studio. Photo Credit : Myles Greenwood

In addition to vinyl records, Rubber Ducky Records offers drinks on tap, creating a welcoming environment with a great vibe and plenty of choices for diggers.

As for the future? “Grand plans ahead! It would be amazing to get to another city or even a bigger boat! Who knows where the wind will blow us,” Myles adds in confidence.

Rubber Ducky Records’ story is one of determination and creativity, turning a potential disaster into a floating success that continues to make waves in Manchester’s music scene.