Root & Branch Productions to debut at Fringe Festival

  • The 6-piece theatre production company will perform their adaptation of A Respectable Wedding
  • The humourous adaptation of Brecht's 1922 play will be the debut of Root & Branch as a group
  • Fringe Festival is returning for its 6th instalment

Root & Branch Productions are debuting their inaugural play at Manchester’s Fringe Festival this year.

The new theatre troupe will be performing a new adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s 1922 play, “A Respectable Wedding,” newly translated by comedian Rory Bremner.

Joe Geddes, who is playing the wedding’s “irritable” groom, told The NQ that, “the play revolves around a highly strung groom trying to hide his fiance’s pregnancy from their highly respectable families.


Joe Geddes A respectable Wedding
Joe Geddes as the groom

“The proceedings start off very civil, but shortly dissolves into chaos! There’s lots of fighting and crying between the characters.

“The groom tries to keep the wedding respectable, which becomes increasingly difficult throughout the play.

“He’s highly strung, the guest aren’t very nice or well behaved, it’s a recipe for disaster! As the play progresses, he snaps more and more, especially as his furniture (which he insisted on finishing before the wedding!) keeps breaking!”

Joe told us that Root & Branch’s version will be “rather rude” compared to previous versions due to the help of comedian Rory Bremmer, “It’s really well written, a truly funny adaptation.”

Explaining what Root & Branch will be offering at the Fringe, Joe said “What makes us unique is our actor-friendly approach.

“It’s our experience that we bring together. We range in age from early 20-s right up to the 70s! We have male and female actors from all across the country, from lots of backgrounds.

“We’re still very new, very fresh, so we’re still learning as a group. But we want to put our best foot forward with something special and interesting for the Fringe!”

Manchester’s Fringe Festival is known for the range of acts it puts on each year, providing a perfect stage for Root & Branch to launch their group’s production company.

“I’m absolutely looking forward to Fringe,” Joe told us. “There’s a party on the Thursday with all the other crews, so we can get introduced to all other companies, get to finally meet them face-to-face!”

“There’s going to be lots of variety, it all looks so great!”

Joe’s advice for newcomers to the festival is to go with an open mind: “Just go with an open mind to Fringe.

“Shows will be different by a thousand degrees. The next piece could be serious, dance, or and adaptation of modernity. There are plays about election and Brexit for example!

“Go with an open mind and you’ll love it!”

For your chance to see Root & Branch’s version of A Respectable Wedding, or for more information on the Fringe Festival, head to the official website