Revolutionary proposal set to transform travel for Salford residents

  • Salford City Council unveils new plan for city-region-wide cycling and walking network
  • Plan aims to make journeys easier for 2.7m cyclists and pedestrians in travelling in and out of Salford
  • If given green light, network will be largest of its kind in UK

Salford City Council has revealed plans for improvements to walking and cycling routes in collaboration with Transport for Greater Manchester,

The scheme plans to introduce a cycle lane and a CYCLOPS junction keeping pedestrians separate from cyclists and traffic with a signal-controlled route through the junction itself.

Additional improvements to existing crossings, new paving, street furniture and lighting have been included in the scheme, as well as rain gardens and wildflower grasses.

Specific loading bays for local businesses have been incorporated, together with electric vehicle charging ports, cycling parking stands and repair hubs.

Salford’s lead councillor for cycling, Jim Cammell, attributes the introduction of the scheme to the huge increase in residents choosing to walk or cycle.

Since the start of the pandemic, the city has seen an increase of around 34% in the number of cyclists on the road.

Residents have welcomed the idea with one local cyclist, Angus Farndale, praising the council: “I’m glad they’ve acted on the increase in cycling traffic. Everyone could see that there has been a lot more people out and about on the roads.”

Local cyclist, Angus Farndale

“It’s reassuring that the council are actually thinking about us and putting concrete plans into place, not just talking the talk.

“I love cycling and whilst Manchester isn’t quite up to speed with places like Amsterdam and Barcelona, it’s nice to see we’re taking steps in the right direction.”

The council ais to gather public opinion to secure funding from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority with the consultation window open until 16 November.