Review: The Vulnerables deliver a soulful and authentic performance at Lock 91

  • Manchester based band The Vulnerables deliver an emotive performance at Lock 91
  • Highlights include songs 'Sans Alice' and 'Whoo Boy'
  • NQ secures a candid interview with lead vocalist Ruby Sherwood-Martin

The Vulnerables are a Manchester based six-piece alternative rock band with a difference – in that lead vocalist Ruby Sherwood-Martin performs alongside both her dad and stepdad.

The band formed in 2013, with Emrys Morgan originally doing lead vocals, followed for a time by Imola Kurucz.

Ruby belting out the chorus to 'Whoo Boy' Photograph: Sarai Van-Cook
The Vulnerables on stage at Lock 91

However, since 2014 Ruby has been performing alongside her stepdad (Paul Jones) and father (Eddie Sherwood), making it quite the family affair.

The band consists of Rhona Mapperley on keyboard, Darren Tolliday on guitar, Chris Griffiths on bass, Eddie Sherwood on drums, Paul Jones on sax, and Ruby as lead vocalist.

The chemistry that The Vulnerables share as a group is undeniable and translates well into their music.

As Ruby muses: “I love the band, there’s a real friendship between us. You know, Paul is my stepdad, Eddie is my dad – it’s quite nice to spend time with them.”

The Vulnerables draw their style from a mixture of artistic influences and genres, their diversity in age only appears to strengthen the influx of inspiration and originality.

“With Eddie and Paul they’ve been in the music industry a long time and they’ve worked with lots of different artists and so they bring that experience.

The difference in ages and age range is really key to our music, because we bring in lots of different genres and time-periods into our music as influences.

Family ties aside, Ruby assures NQ it is her talent which led to her securing her position as lead vocalist, stating: “No nepotism – if I was sh*t they wouldn’t let me in!”

One specific standout performance of the evening, is a song called ‘Sans Alice’. The prettiness of the piano score alongside the saxophone creates a real contrast of melancholy and optimism.

The band combines a variety of woodwind, string and electronic instruments and throughout the night, deliver an emotive and cohesive performance.

Overall, The Vulnerables offer something new and exciting to the seemingly dwindling Mancunian music scene – their hybridity and adaptability ensure there is in fact something for everyone.

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