Review: True Stories @ PUSH Festival, HOME

  • Four artists take audience on a journey of sadness and healing through their 'True Stories'
  • Northern Quota reporter Jess Stoddard reviews Truth Be Told’s new production

A mixture of spoken word, music, dancing, singing, storytelling and cooking a full-three course meal on stage, True Stories journeys through four talented artists’ stories of sadness and healing.

Produced by Remi Adefeysian, Truth Be Told brings together people from different backgrounds who have settled into Manchester trying to integrate into the wider community.

Telling his story, Remi (critically acclaimed lyricist and spoken word artist) is a slave to the modern society. With dramatic and heart-touching words, Remi’s spoken word is a clever piece that engages the audience.

Sarah Yaseen sings the Monday Blues with live guitar. The mixture of singing and speaking tells the tale of moving story of depression.

The stand out story of the show was Wayne Pilgrim’s journey of heartbreak and grief – told through the medium of dance. A mixture of hip-hop and contemporary dance styles reflect his remorse and sadness.

While cooking a three course meal on stage, Ilona Krieva shows us how much she loves her husband, wanting him to want for nothing, after explaining how let down she felt by her alcoholic dad.

A collection of stories told through different mediums, and all having an impact that creates different emotions throughout the audience.

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True Stories is part of HOME’s PUSH festival.