Review: Nina Nesbitt at Sound Control, Manchester

  • Nina Nesbitt performs at Sound Control, Manchester on her latest tour

With the recent announcement of well-known music venue Sound Control set to close at the end of the year, the nightclub is soaking in its last hosting of performances before the scene becomes student accommodation. The likes of The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club and Scissor Sisters have all had the privilege of taking to stage throughout the years.

None other than Nina Nesbitt was one of the iconic few to set their heart of soul onto the eight-year-old stage. She’s one of Scotland’s very own and at the age of 23, she’s taking the ‘edgy’ scene by a storm. Nina isn’t just a singer songwriter but she also has a pure talent as a musician (including being a fine pianist). Her talent was introduced to us when her hit single Stay Out entered the UK Singles Chart in 2013.

Most recently she’s taken a shine to the modelling world, strutting her stuff for American Eagle, Calvin Klein and Estée Lauder. Those who live and breathe social media will remember the rumours hovering around her suspected relationship with the one and only Ed Sheeran (let’s brush over the fact he has a song titled Nina on his debut album).

Any music fanatic will know that an intimate, smoky setting surrounded by alcohol and anticipation is one to cherish. As the avid fans flow into the 450-capacity room, everyone’s eyes are devoted to the intertwining vines covering her microphone and piano in the most delicate way. 

As I weave myself into a steady position, Nina arrives with ‘hello Manchester’ and the crowd reply with a delight of woos. She begins with Sacred, a spine tingling yet truly ‘all the feels’ song. Nothing much to the stage other than the instruments, her heart wrenching vocals and the beams of light.

The Moments I’m Missing is another song from her upcoming album. Nina is joined by her support act Goodie Grace. This soul touching song describes her rise to fame whilst admitting her feelings of not being able to take it in at the time. A stand out moment itself from the night.

What’s so relatable with Nina (apart from her outstanding audience interaction) is that these songs come from an emotive timeline of being hurt, jealousy and loss.

It’s clear that Nina Nesbitt has matured in her story telling for songs and her style since her debut album Peroxide in 2014. She describes the record as having her soul laid bare, something quite daunting and not for the average person.

This doesn’t stop the crowd from belting out roaring cheers and she begins her classic favourite Apple Tree before moving on to Stay Out. The lights gleam ultra-green and approximately 450 hands raise with flashes and cameras galore. She passionately but delicately twangs her guitar and her pristinely comforting vocals follow whilst the audience sing along and harmonise as one.

It’s out with the old and in with the new for Nina, but she is here to stay.