Jenna and the G's

Review: Jenna and the G’s at Albert Schloss



Full of roaring open fires, long Viking tables and a beautiful décor, Albert Schloss is one of those venues where you can have a classy dinner, a quick glass of vino on a cold night, or a bite to eat with a book during your lunch break.

Albert Schloss launched an ambitious promise of live music every single night during December, as part of their Wintermärchen season. From fabulous cabaret, to a selection of local and national artists, they are dedicated to bringing the very best of performances, in what they dubbed to be their ‘greatest show of all’.

Jenna and the G’s brought night of fun, soulful covers of diva classics. Having played at music festivals, such as Kendal Calling, and Glastonbury, Jenna and the G’s are a very talented and professional band, with the band showing off their impressive musical skills, and Jenna showing off her effortless vocal range.

Jenna has transformed her eclectic vocals, by teaming up with well-known Manchester backing band, 8 Gold Rings. Making the most of her live music, bringing all raw talent together from her personal musical stylings, to the finesse of 8 Gold Rings, Jenna and the G’s are the offering the best of live music, with nothing but a lot of funk, soul and a bloody good time.

Albert Schloss boast a night of unplugged covers, with mesmerising melodies, backed by the raw musical talent of the saxophonist. Each member of the band harmonises beautifully with each other, engaging the audience into their performance.

Albert Schloss describes Jenna G as ‘Manchester’s No.1 songstress’, she is part of a team of carefully selected artists.

The most notable cover was of a stripped-down version of Chaka Khan’s ‘I Feel For You’. Doing the Queen of Funk proud, this toe tapping, head bobbing, and all round jam, was the highlight of her show.

Jenna managed to balance the delicacy of an engaging performance, with a calm ambience and atmosphere for the club. She worked the space to her advantage, getting the audience up to dance along to her music, in a very chilled environment. She engaged over the microphone with the audience, in a well-experienced way.

Talking about their Wintermärchen season on their ‘Wunderbar!’ blog, Albert Schloss said: “Our entertainment team have curated our finest ever programme; from extreme dark cabaret, to exclusive live performances seven days a week. Forget about the naughty list, missing out on such splendour things ought to be your chief concern this Christmas.”

Performing every Monday in December at Albert Schloss, it is a free event. All you need to do is find a seat at the communal Viking table, buy a tankard of beer, and watch the show. It is rare to find an artist, that talented, doing a show that is free entry. That, added with the beautiful venue, made for a memorable night.