Review: Dick Whittington at Manchester’s Opera House

  • It's panto time in Manchester
  • Northern Quota reporter Jess Stoddard reviews the Christmas classic

What do you get when you mix John Barrowman, some very tight tights, the Krankies and a cat? Dick Whittington the Pantomime! A very bizarre mix of characters together in a show that has a couple more innuendos than a normal panto. But nether the less, it was a spectacle.

The plot is a festive classic but with so many twists and naughty moments that you don’t see coming! Dick Whittington (Barrowman) travels to London and meets Councillor Krankie, Jimmy (The Krankies) and the Councillor’s daughter Alice (Lauren Hampton). After discovering London’s rat problem, lead by King Rat (Phil Corbitt), Dick needs save the day and get the girl of his dreams.

With an incredible ensemble dancing every kind of dance style thinkable, the show is a spectacle that goes off with a bang. Literally, as the King rat and the The Spirit of Bow Bells enter with pyrotechnics, and Barrowman entering from the ceiling on a rocket pack, it’s a very technical heavy show.

John Barrowman entertains the audience at the lead Dick Whittington.

Barrowman makes a very camp Dick Whittington, but this is used to it’s full advantage in the show, with some crude jokes and a good laugh.

Travel into shark infested waters in the 3D section, get squirted with a water gun in the casts reditiuon of the 12 Days of Christmas (including 6 peshwari naans), and a sing along with the Krankies! 

The Krankies

With quite a few rude jokes for the adults and classic panto lines for the kids, there is something for everyone!

Dick Whittington is playing at the Opera House until 7th January 2018.