Bury Arcade Club

Retro fever keeps pinball wizards and video gamers returning to Bury’s Arcade Club

  • BURY ARCADE CLUB is classed as Europe's largest free-play video and pinball arcade once inside after admission price
  • NQ speaks to staff and visitors alike on what it is about the place that makes people visit

Europe’s largest free-play video and pinball arcade began life in Andy Palmer’s family-run Haslingden computer shop.

The arcade, situated just outside of Bury, started off with just 30 arcade machines.

Now relocated to a mill in the town it boasts more than 250 current generation and retro consoles machines which offer a slice of nostalgia.

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Gamers at the Bury Arcade Club


Behind its humble roots from a small room to such a large space lies Andy’s drive and passion for gaming, and the arcade remains true to its goal  of providing ‘access to as many people as possible to gaming’s history and the joy of visiting the “local” arcade’.

With dedicated regulars returning to the club every week and appearances on TV such as the BBC’s Inside Out, more and more people are paying the arcade a visit.

The club plans to keep expanding, with a new floor due to open in the summer, and interest remains high.

 NQ spoke to staff and visitors about what makes visitors keep coming back.

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