Residents continue to feel unsafe as crime rates increase in Fallowfield

  • Fallowfield residents say why they feel unsafe living there
  • Thousands sign petition demanding more policing in the area 

It is no secret that Fallowfield has a reputation for being a high crime area but the student suburb shows  no sign of improvement even after a petition calling for more policing attracted thousands of signatures.

The neighbourhood is home to 15,000 residents, many of them students who struggle with the dangers that come with living in the renowned party district.

The Northern Quota asked residents and students how they feel about high crime levels.

Alys Turnbull, 21, said: “I don’t feel safe at all in Fallowfield,.I did and I used to but then after I got approached by a man and he tried to kiss me I do not feel safe at all.

“I’m always scared someone is around a corner or looking at me when someone is walking behind me. I always carry my rape alarm and defence spray and I always carry my keys between my knuckles in case someone approached me again – I shouldn’t have to do this.”

It is not  just students who are affected. Many local residents worry about their safety.

Bartender Lorna Furminger, 21, said: “More police should be patrolling the streets. As I am a bartender I get home very late from work and don’t want to be worried walking back to my house.”

More than 6,000 people have signed a petition urging police and politicians to take action on violent crime.

Fallowfield councillor Grace Fletcher-Hackwood said: “There are usually many factors involved in a rise in crime, but Greater Manchester Police losing a quarter of their officers over the last seven years is unlikely to have helped.

“We make sure all incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour are reported. GMP deploy their resources based on the demand figures, so we need to make sure the figures for our area reflect reality.”