Reshaping the narrative as the first curator for inclusive history

  • In 2021 Dr Misha Ewen became the first Curator for Inclusive History for Historic Royal Palaces, a charity that looks after six UK palaces
  • She will be discussing her paper on “Stories, Archives, Voices: Inclusive History at Historic Royal Palaces” today at 5pm
  • Her first book, ‘The Virginia Venture’, is out now

A renowned historian is giving a talk tonight on the social history of their work within six palaces in the UK through the different (and often unheard) voices of the past.

Dr Misha Ewen will be giving a talk via Zoom and at Geoffrey Manton on MMU’s All Saints Campus today at 5pm. Her list of achievements includes becoming the first curator for inclusive history for Historic Royal Palaces.

Becoming the first curator of Inclusive History

Dr Ewen joined Historic Royal Palaces (HRP) in 2021. This is the charity that looks after six palaces around the UK, including Hampton Court and the Tower of London. In taking on this crucial role, she became HRP’s first curator for Inclusive History.

As a historian of gender and colonialism in the early modern Atlantic world, the idea of reshaping the narrative of these historic sites was close to Dr Ewen. Through the inclusive perspective of different voices and digging into alternate archives and stories, she was able to educate schools and members of the general public that would have otherwise been unaware.

The aim of the research is to include people of colour that have historically been excluded from these narratives.

In her lecture entitled ‘Stories, Archives, Voices: Inclusive History’ at Historic Royal Palaces, she sought to unearth stories and give a voice to underrepresented communities and narratives.

Publishing her first book with the University of Pennsylvania Press

Her first book, The Virginia Venture: American Colonization and English Society, 1580–1660, is out now and available to buy from leading retailers such as Amazon and WHSmith.

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