Raising awareness for PTSD

  • NQ is officially launching its campaign to raise awareness of PTSD
  • NQ's Alicia Hattersely leads the campaign, aiming to educate and beat the stigma surrounding heath

Post traumatic stress disorder is often heard about, but is rarely understood. One in ten people who experience a traumatic event will get post traumatic stress afterwards.

Most commonly, ex-soldiers are diagnosed with PTSD after military combat. Everyday, 22 military personnel commit suicide in the US.

Shockingly, 30% of soldiers develop mental health problems within 3 to 4 months of being home from combat and an estimated 20% of returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans turn to alcohol abuse.

Post traumatic stress is described as unbearable emotional pain and sufferers most commonly experience flashbacks, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, depression and outbursts of extreme anger.

We at The Northern Quota are aiming to beat the stigma surrounding talking about this mental health disorder. Today we are launching our campaign to raise awareness of PTSD and improve education around the condition. 

We have scoured the UK and overseas to gain insight into what life is like for PTSD sufferers and their spouses, what treatments are out there and what charities can help our veterans.