Pupils at Manchester Muslim Prep School share a story on World Book Day

  • World Book Day theme this year is 'share a story' as pupils reveal their favourite books
  • Teachers and pupils dress up as their favourite book characters 

Schools around the country take part in World Book Day every year and each year there is a different theme. This year the theme is ‘share a story’.

The Northern Quota visited Manchester Muslim Preparatory School in Withington to find out how World Book Day is celebrated .

Pupils and teachers alike were dressed up in fancy costumes.

Headteacher Doris Kanno-Ghafori said: “Children love dressing up and World Book Day makes book characters come to life. It arouses curiosity about different books and authors when they see their peers in different attires and presents a platform to talk about books.”

The children seemed to be very excited to take part in this day. Six-year-old Selina, who was dressed as a pirate, said “Pirates Next Door is my favourite book because we read it recently and I enjoyed it.”

Ezekiel from year 1 said: “My favourite part about World Book Day is that I get to dress up as a pirate with my sword and eye patch.” 

The children took part in various activities as they kept up to the theme and shared their favourite stories with different classes.

In the week leading up to the day, the children worked on displays related to the theme of adventure.

Mrs Ghafori added “Let’s not forget, World Book Day is also for grown-ups, allowing them to be someone else for the day, be it a pirate or dinosaur, and experience a bit of escapism from everyday life, just the way it is experienced when immersed in a good book.”