Pupils and students walk out of schools and colleges to protest against climate change

  • Children across the country strike from school to protest climate change
  • Kids fear their future is in jeopardy due to global warming
  • They want politicians to commit to stopping climate change
  • They also want more say in their future by lowering the voting age to 16

Climate heroes’ demonstration brings hundreds of youths to St Peter’s Square demanding calls for action on Climate change. 

Students from the Manchester universities, students from local primary and secondary schools and various activists groups joined in solidarity at the protest. 

A student march moved up Oxford road and met with other protesters outside Manchester library at midday.

The protest had various speakers and even an acoustic performer. 

Protestors outside Manchester Central Library
There were many homemade banners and signs at the protest

The protest called for solidarity between universities and schools to come up with a solution to Climate change. 

Activists also called for the government to stop ignoring vital research that indicates how much damage climate change has caused. 

Protesters entered the square chanting: “Whose future?! Our future!”

Protestors outside Manchester Central Library
There were many performers at the protest, including Matt Hartless and the Maverick 7 bassist Casey Birks playing a hand drum

Aspiring musician Lucy Davis performed her environmental song ‘Strike with us’. 


Various speakers from various groups and university societies took turns to address the crowd. 

School children made their own signs with messages of hope for the future. 

Some students had been given the day off school and were accompanied by their parents and teachers to the event. 

Some estimated that the protest number up to 1,000 attendees. 

Protestors at Climate Change youth march from Northern Quota on Vimeo.

The climate heroes’ demonstration is one of several demonstrations taking place in the coming months. The next demonstration will be held at the beginning of March. 

With the hopeful messages from the youth of Manchester, many remain hopeful that change can be made and the battle against climate change can become a priority in our lives. 

Leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, tweeted his support for the strike, saying:

“Climate change is the greatest threat that we all face but it is the school kids of today whose futures are most on the line. They are right to feel let down by the generation before them and it’s inspiring to see them making their voice heard today.”

Protestors outside Manchester Central Library
Many of the messages had a humourous tone

Greater Manchester MP for Ashton, Angela Rayner also tweeted her support, but insisted world leaders act quickly to avoid children missing more school:

“I’m inspired by the many young people who want to support the #schoolstrike4climate movement but I hope it can evolve so we can build on its success without the loss of time in the classroom. World leaders including our PM must listen & act.”

Political and environmental activist and writer George Monbiot said: “The #ClimateStrike now spreading around the world is the most hopeful thing I’ve seen in 30 years of campaigning.”