Puffin crossing in Salford given rainbow makeover to honour LGBTQ+ community

  • Salford crossing painted in LGBTQ+ rainbow colours
  • Local resident asked council to paint pride colours
  • Council now looking to paint more in same colours

A pedestrian crossing in Salford has received a new makeover that honours the LGBTQ+ community after a request from a local resident.

The puffin crossing outside the University of Salford received a paint job in pride colours after Salford resident Kevin DeVulder started a petition.

Kevin thought the new crossing would be a great way to recognise the LGBTQ+ community in Salford and help brighten the area.

“I thought what a wonderful idea it would be if we could get a rainbow crossing at that location,” he said

“It just adds a bit of colour to the area as well. 

“It wasn’t just about being an LGBTQ+ thing, for a lot of people, just having that little bit of brightness, especially with Covid-19 and with everything that has been going on, puts a smile on someone’s face.”

I thought it was such a wonderful idea that we didn’t need to wait

Local resident Kevin DeVulder shows off Puffin Crossing
Salford resident Kevin DeVulder with the crossings 

The request was put through as a petition in July, and attracted the attention of Salford Councillor Sharmina August.

She said: “I thought it was such a wonderful idea that we didn’t need to wait.

“We didn’t need to wait until the petition closed and just picked it up straight away because I thought it was what the city needed right now and a show of solidarity and love and pride.”

Kevin has even bigger suggestions for the area for the traffic island on The Cresent to commemorate Salford.

“My idea is to try and put something there which would allow people who live in Salford to put their own stamp in the area,” he said.

The project hopes to include the work of university students and local businesses to bring the city together.

Kevin added: “The community spirit needs to be reflected and I can’t think of a better way to do that. It brings all those bits and piece of Salford together.”