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Girls wanna banner Image:  Rebecca Redican
27th Oct
The University of Manchester hosted a banner making event ahead of the Girls Night In protest at St Peter's Square. The protest is...
More than 300 people marched from Piccadilly Gardens to St Peters Square
20th Oct
Hundreds of Eritreans staged a protest in Manchester after 5,000 refugees were arrested and at least six were killed in Libya.  The protesters...
Protesters standing in St Peter's Square holding placards
7th Oct
A group of protesters came together in St Peter's Square on Tuesday evening to take a stance against the Tory Party Conference. I was at...
Brexit, protest, Manchester
3rd Oct
Hundreds of protesters gathered in St Peter’s Square in Manchester on Saturday to express disapproval towards the government’s approach to...
Placards at the #FreePalestine protest
10th May
Crowds gathered behind the Queen Victoria monument in Manchester's Piccadilly Gardens on Sunday to protest against the eviction of Palestinian...
Thousands of protestors sit on the tram line
28th Mar
Legal observers at Manchester’s ‘Kill The Bill’ protest yesterday (Saturday) said police became "heavy handed" with protestors after tram lines...
woman, kneel, blm, george floyd, manchester
21st Mar
Hundreds gathered in Manchester yesterday afternoon (March 20) to demonstrate against a bill that would restrict the freedom of assembly in the UK....
kill the Bill, Sarah Everard, protest, Manchester
21st Mar
Thousands of protesters gathered in Manchester’s St Peter’s Square yesterday evening to speak out against violence to women and the proposed new...
17th Mar
Hundreds marched through central Manchester protesting over proposed increased police power and diminished freedom of expression threatened by the...
10th Feb
A Myanmar student based in Manchester has expressed concern for her country as a military coup sweeps the nation. Lilly Oo, originally from Myanmar...


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