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Proposed road blocks in Levenshulme causing divide and confusion among residents

  • Levenshulme Active Neighbhoood causes divisions and arguments across community
  • One Levenshulme group trying to get council to look at alternative measures to roadblocks
  • Community members feel they have been left out of important decision-making.

A Levenshulme neighbourhood project has met with backlash from residents who feel they have been left out of important decisions about roadblocks.

The current proposal would see 29 road blocks introduced on streets which are currently being used as ‘rat runs’.

Similar measures have been introduced in London to create low traffic neighbourhoods.

Jeremy Hoad, secretary of Levenshulme community association and a member of the One Levenshulme, group said: “The project is a fantastic opportunity for the community if it was being community led.”

“However, the engagement has been managed poorly since the project began 18 months ago, with meetings having low attendance.”

“Many local businesses and residents have not been made aware of the proposed model filters and the impact this may have on their livelihoods.”

“It seems wrong that a project that bills itself as community lead, so many people didn’t know about it.”

The One Levenshulme group is putting forward alternative ideas to be taken into consideration such as improvements to cycle lanes and crossings as opposed to the model filters.

Jeremy added: “We would like evidence that the modal filters would lower congestion and air pollution and some reassurance, however, the council has not provided us with this and dismissed alternatives.”

“There are currently one-way streets in Levenshulme that have effectively minimised traffic.”

“However, the council now want to change these creating less safe space for pedestrians.”

Jeffery Wong, a Levenshulme resident and member of One Levenshulme, is another resident with concerns about the scheme.

He said: “Clean air zones are incredibly important not just for those living on boundary roads, many vulnerable residents including BAME and those with disabilities have expressed their support for the group.”

“Our argument is that roadblocks or modal filters are not a silver bullet solution to minimising traffic.”

The current proposed plan is set to trial out as stage one in Levenshulme in December and then expand to stage two with Burnage area being added after Christmas.