Pro wrestling returns to Stockport after eight months of lockdown stoppage

  • First Greater Manchester pro wrestling show since March 
  • Strict social distancing and covid safety rules in place
  • Futureshock Wrestling talks about running shows in pandemic 

Wrestling fans rejoiced when the first Greater Manchester pro wrestling show since lockdown began took place in Stockport.

Futureshock Wrestling held the first Greater Manchester show in eight months with strict social distance measures in place at Stockport Guildhall.

Company director Sam Bailey said: “We couldn’t be happier with how the audience responded to the guidelines. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

“It felt like a normal show just with a lot less people there. It had the same feel of a wrestling show which was essential for us.”

Hardcore wrestling fans were elated to finally see some live grappling after a sport free lockdown period.

Social distancing in full contact sports like wrestling is not feasible for the performers but in accordance with government guidelines on sporting events every precaution which could be taken was taken to ensure a safe environment for staff and fans alike.

Temperature checks were taken upon entry without exception, the crowd and staff were socially distanced wearing masks and gloves and the ring was cleaned thoroughly between matches. Fans were even given plastic clackers to make noise with and discouraged from chanting or cheering.

Masked fans enjoying the show - photo credit Tony Knox (c)
Masked fans enjoying the show – photo credit Tony Knox 

Performers and venues rely on events like this for their livelihoods which have been put on hold by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Bailey said venues such as Stockport Guildhall are keen to on put Covid-safe events.

Wrestling fan Charlie Crothers, 20, emphasised the importance of live events on the mental health of performers and the public could not be underestimated.

“On the mental health side of things it’s more than just entertainment. With this community in particular it’s more than just a show. It helps people more than you know,” he said.

 Charlie acknowledged “there was always going to be a risk” but praised the way in which the safety measures were put in place and said he felt very safe at the show.

Futureshock Champion Soner Dursun - credit Tony Knox (c)
Futureshock Champion Soner Dursun – credit Tony Knox 

Stockport council made frequent visits to the event to check on the social distancing measures and came away very happy with the implementation of government guidelines and general professionalism on show.