Primary school in Woodhouse Park promoting good mental health for children and teachers during ‘mindful March’

  • Primary school in Woodhouse Park taking part in 'Mindful March' to promote happaines among pupils and teachers  
  • Scheme created by the Action for Happiness

A primary school in Woodhouse Park is taking part in ‘Mindful March’ to promote happiness among children and teachers .

This month of mindfulness was created by the Action for Happiness who describe themselves as a “movement of people taking action to create a happier and kinder world, together”.

Taking part means that for each day of March people compete a mindfulness-related activity, set out in a daily calendar. 

Action for Happiness group
Mindful March calander

The charity suggests that by practising mindfulness and taking part in this month promotes a  “happier and calmer life” and “helps us feel more in touch with others and ourselves”.

Ringway Primary School is taking part in the initiative.

The school has sent the following message out to pupils and teachers: “We all experience different emotions from time to time. In just one day, you may feel proud, excited, sad, anxious, nervous, and many other emotions.

“Remember, all feelings are valid. Shining a light on how you feel, particularly when you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, can help you find coping strategies to support your emotional health and wellbeing.”

Recent figures have shown that the number of UK children unhappy with their lives is rising, with worries about school friends and social acceptance is rising. 

This not only damages their mental health, but also can have a dramatic effect on their scholarly success

Research has also shown that the happiness of a teacher can have a direct effect on the happiness and success of students.