My Favorite Murder - Photo by Mandee Johnson

Preview – My Favorite Murder @ The Albert Hall – Sunday May 13th

  • 'Stay sexy, don't get murdered' advise co-hosts of popular podcast
  • High up on iTunes comedy podcasts chart

In less than two years, My Favorite Murder has moved from first episode to worldwide cult following.

Each week, LA-based hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark share true crime stories, ending each episode with fan-submitted “hometown murder” stories, signing off saying “Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered”.



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Now, the pair are performing across the globe. With a sold-out Manchester date planned for May 13th, we spoke to Manchester-based fans about the podcast.

Jess Lewis, 30, from Stalybridge, first heard about the podcast from her sister. “I was out running with my sister, Helen, and she said, “Oh, I’ve heard this podcast. I think you’d really like it. It’s called My Favorite Murder”. I didn’t think anything of it. But then, she sent me a link and I’ve been hooked since then.”

Meanwhile, Robyn Gee, 23, from Rossendale shares her true crime passion with her mum.

“I’ll tell her about an episode I’ve listened to and she’ll tell me about another. We’ll span further than My Favorite Murder and I’ll tell her other true crime podcasts. She listens whilst she knits.”

Although people listen for true crime, they also listen for Karen and Georgia. “I like their relationship”, said Naomi Newman, 32, from Trafford. “I like how they talk about 1200 different things that aren’t about murder. It’s just an honest and true depiction of female friendship.”

Performing a live date at Manchester’s Albert Hall, this is not only a chance for murderinos to see the pair. It’s also a chance to see other fans.

“I think some of it is actually to meet other people.”, said Jess. “So other people in the community can meet other murderinos, but also just to be a part of it.”                                   

“This is something I enjoy listening to in my own kitchen, it would be great to listen to in person”, Naomi adds. “I would go see Karen and Georgia even if I didn’t think anyone else was going to be there, I’d still be signed up. This is gonna to be a hilarious evening.”