People have been holding vigils outside of their local Barclays banks to expose their racial injustice

Posters accusing Barclays bank of funding racial injustice posted across Longsight

  • Picketers encouraging people to boycott Barclays bank for alleged 'unethical' practices
  • The bank is placed last in a ranking of 72 finanicial institutions for ethical decisions

Posters and leaflets accusing Barclays bank of being “racist” and unethical were distributed.

One poster was posted outside Barclays Longsight branch on Stockport Road,and uploaded to Twitter.

An image of the poster was tweeted

The poster, displayed in front of Longsight shopping centre, alleges that “droughts, flooding and hurricanes fuelled by Barclays investments are hitting indigenous people and people of colour in the global south much harder than richer nations”.

It was placed outside of the bank after a picket took place encouraging people to boycott the bank because of “racial injustice”.

Members of Christian Climate Action held vigils outside UK branches of Barclays “to mark Racial Justice Sunday” last week.

Other vigils took place in Sheffield, Redhill, London, Brighton and Shrewsbury

Holly-Anne Peterson, founder of Christian Climate Action, told the Northern Quota: “We are standing on the brink of climate collapse, which will have devastating impacts for our young people.

“We need to take a stand against Barclays and say that we refuse to let them continue to fund climate suffering.”

A copy of the poster displayed outside of Barclay’s in Longsight

Barclays have an ethical score of just four in the Move Your Money ranking of ethical banks, compared to Nationwide’s 64 and Ecology Banking Society’s score of 100.

Move Your Money says “the areas of banking that mattered most to the public were honesty, customer service, culture, impact on the real economy and ethics”.

Out of a total of 72 ranked institutions, Barclays is ranked bottom.

Barclays has been approached for a comment.