Police reveal shocking footage of lorry driver watching video while driving on M60

  • Operation Tramline records 239 driving offences on motorways in region


Shocking footage of a lorry driver using his mobile phone while on the motorway has been released by police.

The footage shows the man being stopped by police after watching videos on his mobile while on the M60.

The driver was caught as part of Operation Tramline which saw a total of 239 driving offences recorded by traffic police during a 12-day period in December.

Driving offences included watching TV on a mobile phone, eating while driving , texting while driving, and driving without care and attention.

The joint operation between Manchester police and Highways England aimed to film the bad habits of motorway drivers and catch offenders.

During the operation 57 offences were recorded of drivers using a mobile phone, 56 drivers not wearing a seatbelt, a further 32 committed motorway verge offences, and 10 were stopped for driving without due care.

Chief Inspector Tariq Butt, from GMP’s traffic unit, said: “Drivers continue to put themselves and others at risk when they are not in full control of their vehicle, so Operation Tramline is crucial in raising awareness of a driver’s responsibilities and keeping our road networks safe at all times.”

The operation lead to five people being arrested, 179 traffic offences being issued and 30 fixed penalty notices issued to drivers.