Police officers to receive bravery award for stopping gun-wielding burglar

  • PCs Simon Toft and Michelle Gee to pick up award for bravery
  • PC Toft tasered Steven Bowen after he aimed a gun at him

Two police constables are to receive a bravery award after a terrifying incident with a gun-wielding burglar at a house in Stockport.

PCs Michelle Gee and Simon Toft responded to reports of burglary at a house in Stockport when they were confronted by 36-year-old Steven Bowen who had a gun pointed at PC Toft.

The quick-thinking PC fired a taser round into Bowen which knocked him to the floor and being arrested.

PC Toft said: “Receiving this award is an honour and I’m grateful for the recognition.”

PC Gee added: “Having your work and achievements recognised formally is important and I’m very grateful to receive this award.”

The pair will be presented their awards by deputy chief constable Ian Pilling, who said: “Simon and Michelle were confronted with what must have been a very frightening situation.

“The officers remained in control, and their bravery and logical thinking resulted in an arrest with no injury to any party.

“Both officers are most deserving of this award, and I am extremely proud to have them serving in GMP.”

Bowen was sentenced to serve seven years for aggravated burglary.