Hugh Hefner

Playboy bunnies in the afterlife for Hugh Hefner?

  • NQ asks Manchester people their thoughts on the death of Hugh Hefner, and his decision to buy the plot and be buried next to Marilyn Monroe

Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner passed away last week, aged 91.

Details have now emerged of his 1992 decision to purchase the crypt next to Marilyn Monroe as his final resting place.

It has also been stated that Hefner himself never met Monroe personally, so the question is: why was it so important for him to pay $75,000 (£55,930) to be buried next to her? Was it nostalgia? Or was it to show even in the afterlife he could still be the ‘lad’s mag’ magnate?

We asked the people of Manchester what they thought on Hugh Hefner’s decision to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe.

Rachal Thomas
Rachal Thomas

Rachal Thomas, 25, originally from Shropshire said: “Hefner’s this playboy businessman, and Marilyn Monroe is this glamourous 1950’s superstar, they’ve never met each other, I think he’s just doing it to be next to her – which is a bit kind of sad really, once you’ve passed on.”

Tony Milner, 50, a shop owner based in Manchester City Centre said: “Well if you can pay to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe, why not.”

Martin Park, 43, also a shop owner from Bury said: “I don’t agree with it, it’s just weird, he didn’t even know her. I wouldn’t like to think that I’d have no say in somebody who wanted to bury themselves next to me, and I didn’t know them. It’s perverse really.”

Marlin Obrell, 30, a pre-school teacher originally from Sweden said: “Well I don’t think it’s a problem actually, because I don’t feel that the place where you are buried is connected with the place where you’ll be in the afterlife. I feel in the afterlife, the people you meet are those you were connected to.”

Jem Perks
Jem Perks

Jem Perks, 29, a librarian living in Salford said: “It’s a little bit creepy. It’s okay to get buried alongside your loved ones and your family. But Marilyn Monroe had no say in Hugh Hefner burying himself there.”

All in all, even in the afterlife, Hugh Hefner creates a talking point well worth delving into.