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  • Campaign released to reduce drink/drug-driving particularly amongst young people 
  • In 2017, 250 people were killed in drink-drive incidents according to the DfT
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#PlanYourWayHome is a campaign to raise awareness on the risks of drink-driving, particularly amongst young people, in doing so help reduce the number of drink-drive incidents that happen in the UK. We hope to do this through educating the public of the effect it can have on your own life as well as others. 

According to the Department for Transport, in 2017, 250 people in the UK were killed in drink-drive incidents. Many of those were young people. 

We hope in creating this campaign, it will inform more people, especially young people of the consequences of being caught by the police for drink-driving and most importantly the ultimate price that drink-driving can have. We will do this through speaking to people, who have sadly felt the damage drink-driving can have. As well as experts who are pushing to reduce drink-driving. 

Our petition is not to push for legislation, the current legislation is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. There are other campaigners such as Brake, who push to lower that level, however, we aim to teach people to think before they drink and drive, especially young people who are starting off in life. Caught drink-driving can have a huge effect on the life of young people, through not being able to get a job without a driver’s licence, to jail time. Worse than that, we want to reduce the numbers of casualties in drink-drive related car accidents through raising awareness of the risks. 

In this campaign we will set out guidelines for people to change the perception of going to the pub and having a ‘softy’. The stakes are too high to fall into the trap of drinking and driving. #PlanYourWayHome 

Please sign the petition and follow our twitter page to keep up to date with our progress. Read the #PlanYouWayHome pledge here.