Pharmacies are leading the way in putting support in cost of living in Manchester

  • The city council tend to support the free cost of living for the residents in need..
  • chemist stores and delivery vans are going to start sharing leaflets of details of city free cost of ling advice line for the

Pharmacy network are going to start attaching details of the city’s free cost of living advice line to each prescription for patients before they leave the shop.

It will be easier for anyone who needs this support with bills, food, debt or heating can access the free advice line run by Manchester City Council.  

To also make things easier for people who prefer home delivery vans that drop off prescriptions are also giving out leaflets from the council that tell people where they can go to stay warm, get a free hot drink, and connect with other people. 

The advice line was introduced and has so far taken almost 7,000 calls from the public.

The most common reasons for ringing are benefits queries or for help with rent.

The advice line number made available for free call on 0800 023 2692, or people can text it on 07860 022 876. Each day the advice line takes around 23 calls.

Jonathan Rees from Manchester City Council said: “In terms of you speaking with pharmacists who don’t know about it, that’s understandable given the piece that we published was a trial. So it has not been sent round widely to the pharmacy network in Manchester. In the coming days this will start to take place, and pharmacists will be able to opt into the scheme if they wish.

Pharmacist Zach, from Your Meds delivery pharmacy, said: “We do not offer the service, some pharmacies maybe offering the service, maybe the government fund them. But this an independent store and we do not know about it.”