People’s History Museum’s focus on gay rights struggle shows how much Britain has changed

  • In the third of our features on the People's History Museum, we look into how far citizens' rights have progressed

The People’s History Museum isn't a place I would normally find myself enjoying, so it was much to my surprise when I found the museum to be a rather interesting and educational place.

Pioneer activists began collecting labour history material in the 1960s and it's only grown since then. In 2010 it had a £12.5 million investment which was used to re-invent and expand the building.

The atmosphere of the museum is light and airy as you first enter, with the exhibits shaded to protect posters from damage. The theme of the galleries starts with the Industrial Revolution moving through to Reformers, Workers and Voters on the first floor, giving insight to how society has progressed democratically in Britain.

However, it was the second-floor exhibits, focusing on citizens at Britain after we'd secured the vote for all that I enjoyed most.

Personally, I found the exhibit depicting gay rights and the LQBT+ community the most interesting as it showed how much has changed in terms of being gay.

To me, that highlights how long the struggle has been going on.