People of Manchester have their say on mental illness and employers

  • Survey shows that 18% of the respondents have gone to work feeling mentally unwell, equivalent to 5.2 million British workers
  • 13% would worry that they would lose their job if they called in sick for mentally-related illness 

New research by Canada Life Insurance has revealed that almost a fifth people (18%) have gone to work while feeling mentally unwell.

This suggests that there still is a stigma around mental health and the workplace, with the study also showing that many employees worried about how their bosses or colleagues will react, with many worried that their jobs could be at risk.

A similar survey by mental health organisation, Mind, also pulled out some interesting statistics, showing that men were more likely to experience work related mental health issues. The survey showed that one in three men (32%) attributed their poor mental health to their job. 

There have been many conversations about this subject, yet it seems as though mental health is still very much a taboo subject in the workplace. Northern Quota asked the people of Manchester if they feel employers are doing enough to aid employees with matters to do with mental health.

Warehouse worker Jiri Krizovsky, 27, said: “I don’t think I’ve ever heard, something like, ‘Guys if you have a problem.’ Everything is just health and safety, and then just go work. They should just mention it, if somebody is feeling depressed, you can come to us, its not necessary to mention organisations.”

Rachal Thomas, student, 25, also said: “I think it might be nice if someone would come in and offer help. There wasn’t any kind of system for that sort of thing, there wasn’t anybody of a higher authority to come in and give that option.”

Swedish pre-school teacher,  Obrell, 30, gave a different perspective: “We do have a system, that I can go to my boss and say I’m not feeling very well, and she will contact people to talk to, like a psychatrist.

“I’m employed by the city, its a public company, and it’s the city that offers help.”