Pebble Art taking over Trafford in memory of victims of Manchester Arena attack

  • Decorated pebbles are being hidden around Trafford 
  • Plan to have 500 heart-painted pebbles dedicated to the victims of the Manchester Arena attack

Decorated pebbles are being hidden around Trafford as part of a new concept called pebble art.

The idea is for people to find a decorated pebble, take a photo and hide it again.  One group is using the project as a way of honouring those killed and injured in the Manchester Arena attack.

With 2,000 members on the Pebble Art Trafford Facebook group, people are encouraged to upload photos of their pebbles they have designed or discovered.

The founder of the group, Louise Dorney, Urmston, said:  “It all started when me and my children went to Woolston Park in Warrington, and found some painted pebbles.

“We didn’t know what they were until we followed the instructions on the back. I then set up the page to bring it to Trafford. We painted a hundred pebbles and placed them around our local area.

“We have had pebbles travel all over now – there’s one in the Lake District and there’s even one in Jamaica. They are getting all over. One was even found in a Sainsbury’s freezer a few weeks ago.

“Pebble art is for everyone. Some people love to just hunt them, others like to both hunt them and make them to hide, too. We have members of all ages from children of any age to older day walkers. It’s just nice to put a smile on someone’s face.”

The idea is going down well with local residents. Laura Jones, of Sale, said: “It’s a lovely idea, especially how something so simple can bring joy. My children now love the walk home from school, as they can go through the parks looking for the decorated pebbles. “

Trafford Volunteer Cadets are planning a memorial to those killed and injured in the Manchester Arena attack and plan to involve pebble art. They are encouraging people to decorate a pebble with a heart to “show the world that Trafford will always remember those who were affected by the arena attack and that the victims are forever in our hearts”.

Their goal is to get 500 pebbles around the borough for the 500 people injured and impacted by the attack.

Anyone who wants to get involved can drop off painted pebbles at Stretford Police Station or join the group here for more information.