Parents left confused and upset over closure of childrens’ play area at Longford Park

  • Children's play area  in Chorlton closed due to unsafe equipment and damaged play surfaces 
  • Repairs not scheduled to be carried out until the new year 
  • Parents upset over lack of warning from Trafford council

Parents have been left confused and upset after the children’s play area at Longford Park in Chorlton was closed unexpectedly last week. 

One Trafford closed the  under-8s area to carry out repairs on unsafe equipment and the soft play surface which they say is damaged. 

Residents were given no warning about the closure and are frustrated that repairs will not be carried out until the new year. 

Stretford, Trafford, Longford Park, play area closed at Longford Park
The under-8’s play area at Longford Park will remain closed until the new year

Parent Sally Scott, 37, who uses the play area with her three-year old daughter, said: “Throughout lockdown we experienced what it was like to not have access to parks and that is why I think people are so upset about it being closed again. 

“The only place you can see other family members at the moment is in places like parks. 

“The last time I used the park it was in perfect condition so I don’t see why they have closed it for repairs, and there has been a previous time where there was equipment in the centre of the area fenced off and the rest of the area remained open so why couldn’t they do that again. 

“If a particular thing needs repairing, they should fence that thing off as closing the entire play area is unnecessary and people are relying on these outdoor spaces at the moment.” 

Other parents took to social media to express their confusion and anger at the closure. 



A One Trafford representative said: “We take the safety of everyone using our park facilities extremely seriously and, on that basis, we are unfortunately unable to reopen the under 8s play area until these surfacing issues are resolved. 

“We recognise how disappointing this is for park users and are working to ensure the repair work is completed as quickly as practically possible.” 

Updates are expected to be provided on the Friends of Longford Park website and Facebook page.