Pale Waves send crowd into raptures at sold out O2 Ritz gig

  • Pale Waves played at the O2 Ritz
  • Pale Waves are fast becoming a a favourite band for Manchester, indie fans and pop fans alike following the band's mentoring from the 1975's Matt Healy.

Originally from Manchester and launched into the world in 2014, Pale Waves have burst onto the music scene with their unique style and even crazier hair.

The members made up of Heather Baron-Gracie, Ciara Doran, Hugo Silvani and Charlie Wood contribute together to make what they call, ‘Nineties inspired indie pop feels’.

Inspired by the indie cult of The 1975 and personally mentored by singer and producer Matty Healy (lead singer in The 1975), Pale Waves produced a combined sound of alternative  indie pop and synth-pop. 

After being signed to the 1975’s record label ‘Dirty Hit’, they went on to produce their first album titled My Mind Makes Noises with hits including Television Romance, New Years Eve and their very first album There’s a Honey.

The band’s popularity has grown dramatically over the last two years maturing from small local Manchester gigs to performing at festivals across the world, launching their own tour and even winning a 2018 NME Under the Radar Award. Playing to sold out gigs, Pale Waves continue to make their sound known.

Pale Waves returned to their Manchester home where their devoted fans awaited them at the O2 Ritz Manchester. Performing at their sold out gig, lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie addressed the excitable crowds saying: “It’s so good to be home, I’ve missed you Manchester!” which was met by a roar of applause and screams.

Even from a distance, Heather Baron-Gracie was easily indentifiable wearing heavy gothic makeup, clad in red leather pants and showcasing even wilder black curls, as she took to the centre of the stage.

Pale Waves perform at the O2 Ritz

The gloomy group then stood to attention as the lights dimmed, casting the venue into darkness before a rainbow pallete of reds and purples splashed across the room and ‘Television Romance’ filled the quiet suspense.

The hit was received with an exciteable cheer as the crowd went on to immedtiately dance and jump, causing vibrations of rhythm to be felt on the sprung O2 Ritz dance floor. Baron-Gracie could only just be heard over the united clamour of the audience as they belted out the lyrics.

Moments later the crowd was hushed into an attentive and qiuet concentration as Baron-Gracie explained the darker connotations behind the album.

In this particular album, I took the oppurtunity to share with you some of my darker emtions and how I feel in my head

Spontanious shrills of support could be heard spilling from the audience as one young fan shouted ‘We love you Heather!’ After a short time addressing the sea of watchers, Baron-Gracie galvanized the crowd once more as she joked, ‘Now enough of the sad songs, it’s not solely sad, emo songs I write’.

The band then proceeded to belt out their final and encore song ‘There’s A Honey’ which saw people leap onto friends shoulders, drinks fired across the room and hands in the air. Pale Waves had certainly left waves in Manchester after yet another energetic, passionate and memorable gig.