Out with the touts is a change campaign we are launching to tighten restrictions of ticket touting for live music events.


Section 166 of the criminal justice and public order act (1994),  works by making it an offence for an unauthorised person to sell a ticket for a designated football match, or dispose of such ticket to another person. However, selling tickets for music events is perfectly legal as long as they abide by consumer protection laws.

Ticket touting of concerts leaves real fans without tickets or pressured into buying tickets at inflated prices in order to not miss out on seeing their favourite bands live. With tickets being brought purposely with the intent to resell at higher prices, fans miss out on tickets at official sells and may be forced to pay a higher price. This ultimately leaves empty seats to ‘sold out gigs’.

A report published by the Distil Research lab threat concluded that 40% of ticketing traffic is comprised of bad bots. These bots are what is stopping real fans getting official tickets.

This campaign aims to take action against ticket touting of concert tickets by making it a greater offence to do so.

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