The original Castlevania comes to modern consoles – again!

  • Hamster has released the next title in their Arcade Archives series – Vs. Castlevania
  • Arcade port is much more difficult then the NES original
  • Vs. Castlevania is available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

The original Castlevania game is returning to modern consoles – again! 

Hamster’s Arcade Archives series is trucking along with its excellent ports, this time with Vs Castlevania, the arcade port of the NES original. 

Vs Castlevania was originally released for Nintendo’s Vs System brand of arcade machines back in 1987, alongside three other of Konami’s games – Vs Gradius, Vs Top Gun and Vs The Goonies.

The weird thing about this is that the original Castlevania is already on Switch and PS4, the consoles which this new port is landing on. The NES classic can already be found in the Castlevania anniversary collection, which is a bit more expensive but which comes with seven more games for just an extra £10. 

The additions the Vs Castlevania version has is in its difficulty, Due to it being made for arcades, they made this already hard game much harder, with much stricter time limits, higher enemy damage and fewer bonus points. If you’ve already beaten the first Castlevania before, this might be a good buy for the extra challenge.

It’s out now on Switch and PS4 and costs £6.29. If you’ve got a hankering for classic Castlevania, but won’t be sufficed by a single game or you’ve got an Xbox One, the Castlevania Anniversary Collection is also available for £15.99.