Oldham Fans Protest

Oldham vs Salford suspended after fans storm the pitch with one minute to go

  • Fans charge pitch to protest against current owners of the club
  • Oldham have been relegated to non-league football after defeat to Salford

Oldham’s game against Salford was postponed after fans stormed the pitch in protest at the club’s ownership.

The owner of Oldham, Abdallah Lemsagam, has been under fire for the way the club has been handled in recent years.

NQ spoke to a few fans from the Manchester club.

“These people don’t even care about football never mind the club. Get them out now”, said Mark Stevenson, 58, who has been a fan of the club since he was 12 years old.

In protest at the club’s ownership, a banner was brought onto the pitch saying ‘Get out of our club’ and chants of ‘sell the club’ were aimed towards those who remained seated in the stands.

After the game was suspended, fans on the pitch started to move into the stands.

Play eventually did resume two hours after the pitch invasion, where Salford saw home a 1-2 win which ultimately relegated Oldham.

The relegation means Oldham the only club in England to have fallen from the heights of the Premier League down to non-league football.