Oldham College releases Christmas song aimed at spreading awareness about trafficking

  • Christmas song celebrates festive period and also delivers strong message
  • Christmas With You spreads awareness about human trafficking
  • All money raised from song will be donated to STOP THE TRAFFIK charity

Students and staff at Oldham College hace releases Christmas single to rasie awareness of the evils of human trafficking.

Christmas With You features a community choir, band and supporting cast assembled by the college.

The song was designed to be both a heart-warming song celebrating the festive season and to deliver a strong message.

All proceeds raised from downloads of the song are going to STOP THE TRAFFIK. The charity is affiliated to Oldham College and is dedicated to raising awareness of the growing issue of human trafficking.

Christmas With You  featuring contributions and guest appearances from dozens of students and staff, plus local firms, personalities and civic figures from Oldham Council, Oldham Theatre Workshop, Oldham Band (Lees), Revolution 96.2 and many more. 

It was co-written by lead vocalist Laura Purdey, manager of the Grange Theatre, with James Atherton, artistic director at Oldham Theatre Workshop, who plays piano on the track.


Laura said: “We wanted to do something positive and write a catchy song which people can enjoy while singing and hearing. And I wanted to do it for a charity.

“I think human trafficking is a hidden crime, I feel that not many people know that it is happening around them.

“People need to be more aware of human trafficking that goes around them and this song is all about raising awareness about human trafficking.”

Alun Francis, principal of Oldham College, said: “We wanted to get everyone involved in doing something upbeat and original – and something positive that celebrates the best things about the festive period: like our connectedness and the spirit of selflessness in thinking about others.

“As recent events tragically reminded us all, human trafficking now takes many forms and is often hidden in plain sight in everyday life around us. Raising awareness and helping to prevent stolen people and stolen dreams is something that everyone can get behind.”