Number of false fire alarms decreases dramatically in Tameside Hospital

by Kalli Gkari

Fire safety officers in Tameside have helped to reduce the number of false alarms attended by firefighters, according to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

new fire calling system was introduced today at Tameside General Hospital following years of work between GMFRS and the hospital.   

Staff members at Tameside now check what has set off their alarms instead of calling 999 for a fire engine immediately. This means that when there isn’t a genuine emergency, firefighters and resources are available to respond to more serious incidents.  

The partnership has already led to a noticeable difference in the number of times crews have been called to false alarms at the hospital, as from 24-30, they now attend five incidents each month, meaning there is a decrease of about 200 per cent. 

Tameside Fire Safety Officer Jon Sweeney said: “The protocol at Tameside Hospital means that call challenging is now taking place Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm, which will hopefully further reduce calls outs to false alarms at the building.  

“Fire safety officers, including myself, have been working closely with the hospital for four years and we have already seen a drop in the call outs which means that firefighters are available for genuine emergencies and other important tasks.  

Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “Over recent years GMFRS has noticeably reduced its attendance to false alarms as a result of work with local businesses, including Tameside Hospital."