Manchester Jewish Museum building

More than a Museum in Cheetham Hill

Manchester’s Jewish Museum is opening its doors in many ways to bring local and the wider community of Cheetham Hill

The newly renovated space of Manchester’s Jewish Museum is now becoming home to daytime workshops to evenings of music and culture within their 150-year-old synagogue connected to the museum.  

Residents in Cheetham Hill have been given full access to the museum for free as the museum wants to celebrate the local community.

Julia Gorko, marketing and communications for Manchester Jewish Museum, said: “We want everyone to use this space as it’s for everyone.”

Inside the 150-year-old synagogue where the Jewish Museum hosts performances.
Credit: Martha Norris.

Julia describes the museum space as “friendly, open and welcoming”, adding that “the space itself is quite unique … not many synagogues are like this in Manchester”.

“We open up the space in the evenings for comedy, music, and dancing, all sorts of shows. We want it to be more than just a museum and to celebrate Jewish art”.  

A central point for the community

The museum is a hub for locals to get involved with projects and workshops. With both volunteering positions and participation in workshops there is something for everyone.

Julia added: “We love the local community. We chair the Cheetham [cultural] festival, where all businesses open their doors to everyone for free”.

The museum is always welcoming members and volunteers as a way to meet more like-minded people. The museum is a light and airy space with many exhibitions and artifacts with a calming cafe for anyone that wants to come and be somewhere safe. ‘It really is a space for everyone’.  

How to get involved

The best way to get involved with the museum and see their upcoming events and workshops is to visit their website or see their social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and YouTube.