Northern Quota launches GetFitNow campaign

  • The Northern Quota has officially launched its #getfitnow campaign. 
  • NQ reporter Max Pouncey aims to get people fit and active, starting by making minor changes throughout the day to get people on their feet.

The 2017 state of the UK Fitness Industry Report reveals that only one in every seven people in the UK are members of a gym. Although this number has increased by 4.6% vs previous year, there are still over 55 million people who are not members of a gym, and with NHS classifying in their 2017 statistics on obesity, physical activity and diet that 26% of adults are inactive and doing less than 30 minutes physical activity each week and in physical activity within children, only 23% of boys and 20% of girls met physical activity guidelines.

It comes as no surprise that on the back of these statistics, there were over 6,400 adults diagnosed with obesity showing a 7% growth from the year before and over 1 in 5 children were measured as obese or overweight.

There are many exercises and activities to kick start a fit and active life style which anybody can do, whether you’re a member of a gym or not. This can begin from learning basic home based exercises, joining a club/group or even something as simple as taking the stairs at work rather than the lift. 

An example of a club, which is free to join and can be found all over the country is Parkrun UK. Parkrun organise weekly, 5km timed runs all over the world and are open to everyone for free. Taking place in pleasant parkland surrounding, these events can be found all across the country and are simple to set up if there isn’t one already nearby.

With all ages and abilities welcomed, Parkrun is a fantastic initiative to get people up and active in a fun and pleasant environment.

Join the campaign now by following us on Twitter and Facebook and use #getfitnow.

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