The Northern Quota launch campaign to raise awareness about street harassment in Manchester.

  • Ain’t No Hollaback Girl Campaign was created by Student Abigail Meadow.
  • This campaign is to raise awareness and help document women’s real stories that have affected them in every day life.

Our campaign aims to reduce street harassment in Manchester by educating the perpetrators and documenting women’s real stories.

If you asked your mother, daughter, niece, they’ll have a story. They’ll tell you of a time when they felt unsafe, alone or targeted. They’ll feel the need to tell you what they wore. What make-up they had on. Some will say how they stayed quiet to make it stop.

85% of women aged 18-24 say they have experienced some form of sexual harassment in the street, and 1 in 4 women said they have experienced street harassment under the age of 16.

For some, this happens daily. From catcalls, wolf whistles, unwanted attention and groping. It is never OK and it is something we should never keep quiet about.

“Speaking up against street harassment is not about being a hero. It is about making sure that everyone has the right to enjoy that spring breeze, golden clouds and chirping without feeling uncomfortable.” – Shahla Khan, Feminist Author and Social Activist.

Respect can be defined as having due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others.

It is our right as women living in Manchester to be in a public place and not feel scared.

The momentum has already begun. We aim to make it more evident than ever.

Every woman has a story.

Listen to the Women of Manchester speak out.


Tweet your story using the hashtag #NoHolla


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Twitter: @NoHollaGrl