Street art in Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter.

Northern Quarter loses another three businesses in one day

Manchester’s Northern Quarter has become renowned for its unique independent businesses, music venues and bars and restaurants over the years but last week saw the announcement of three more closures in the same day.

Atkinsons Coffee announced its closure at Mackie Mayor after six years, posting on Instagram: “We would like to thank all our customers who have supported us over the years and amazing baristas who have all done us proud in what has been Atkinsons first venture outside of Lancaster in 180 years.”

Oklahoma also announced it will be closing its doors for the last time on 31January, a store that was known for original and handmade gifts will now be online only.

Plant shop Flourish also announced its stall on the side of the former Debenhams will be closing due to redevelopment work set to take place in the building.

Their Deansgate Square store will remain open.

The hospitality sector has suffered greatly since the Covid-19 pandemic which saw many businesses forced to close down.

The independent businesses which did manage to stay open have now been dealing with the on-going cost of living crisis.

Danny Snape, business development for Speak in Code, said: “Hospitality has taken a relentless beating since the initial toll of covid, independents haven’t received the same backing and support that larger chains have.

“Forcing closes that aren’t necessarily justified with a lack of trade, as locals and regulars have been forced out of the market due to venues being forced to close with underfunding, lack of trade and staff shortage.

“Smaller, Independent businesses that are typically favoured in NQ haven’t been able to operate under the same constraints as larger companies and it has caused a back log of catching up and hanging on post covid times.”

It is not just Northern Quarter feeling the hit of the cost of living crisis.

Ethan Cooney, club manager of Kable, has noticed that people are reluctant to spend money when events are on, “the event will be sold out, but we don’t sell as much as we would expect.”

Ethan said, “I’m struggling for hours because we are not busy enough, I’m doing handy jobs for extra hours.”

“We are next to a student accommodation so we will get customers because if there’s one market that will always be there to go out its students”, he added.

Ethan continued to say that he has noticed that everyone is struggling, “It’s a strange time we’re living in and it is very uncertain for businesses and people with jobs nobody knows really what is going to happen.”

Last week the Government also announced businesses will received reduced support for their energy bills from the end of March.