Stallholder Daniel Smith holds up a bunch of red tomatoes

National tomato shortage not affecting Manchester, says fruit and veg stallholder

  • Tomato shortage hits UK supermarkets
  • But Manchester trader says he is not going short on the popular fruit

There may be a tomato shortage in the supermarkets due to the cold weather in Spain but one Manchester trader says he has plenty to sell on his stall.

Around the UK supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda are limiting purchases due to the shortages of tomatoes as the United Kingdom rely on Spain and Moroccan suppliers to produce them .

Daniel Smith has been running a fruit and veg stall outside Manchester Metropolitan University on Oxford Road since 2009.

He told NQ: “I don’t have an issue buying them at supermarkets as I buy them everyday.

“The produce in Europe has gone up in price, there is a big shortage of broccoli and cauliflower, that’s been going on longer because of the cold weather in Spain as well”

One of Daniel’s customers at the stall told NQ: “It is freaking me out that there is a national shortage of tomatoes, I am suppose to be making a tomato tatare for my dinner.”

Dan added: “We use tomatoes in mostly everything we eat, for example, in curries or in our salads. It is a popular vegetable.”

Daniel Joe Smith who is a store holder who isn’t affected by the tomato shortage