MP Lucy Powell in show of support for Somali charity hit by city council funding cut

  • Manchester Central MP pledges to speak to top council officials
  • Says grant to welfare charity should be restored

MP Lucy Powell has pledged her support to a Moss Side Somali charity facing the threat of closure after the council pulled its funding.

The Somali Adult Social Care Agency (SASCA) on Princess Road has been providing support and advice to the local community for the past 10 years but now faces having to close its offices after the council withdrew £47,000 of annual funding.

Sasca is one of many organisations to suffer cuts to its funding from the city council. It has been told the grant will not be renewed at the end of next month and that there is on right of appeal.

Lucy Powell visited the SASCA offices today and was told about the vital work it carries out in the community on issues such as immigration, employment, housing, benefits and education. Also in attendance was Moss Side councillor Mahadi Sharif, who is originally from Somalia.

The Manchester Central MP said: “You have my full support and I will do whatever I can to support you. I will make a very strong case to the deputy leader Sue Murphy and the council on your behalf. Even if it is to secure funding in the short term to help manage any transition.”

Councillor Sharif said the city council had promised to send an officer to visit Sasca next week to discuss their application and what impact it would have on its ability to provide the services it does.

He said: “The councillors met with Sue Murphy and raised our concerns with her. We told her how valuable Sasca is to the local community and how not having it would leave a gap in provision. She said organisations will be visited personally by someone from the funding team.”

Sasca has set up a petition to help fight the funding cut.