Moss Side fire station boxer is heading to the Paris 2024 Olympics

  • Patrick Brown qualifies for the 2024 Paris Olympics
  • Moss Side Fire Boxing Club
  • Team GB

Manchester-born Patrick Brown has punched his way to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The 24 year old trains at Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club and is now a part of Team GB.

Brown began his boxing journey at Sale West Amateur Boxing Club.

He won his place to Paris after defeating Poland’s Mateusz Bereznicki in a heavyweight pair-up.

Patrick Brown with his ticket to Paris Credit: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

Post fight, Patrick said: “I always believe in myself, and I work hard, and I still can’t believe I’ve done it – it’s unbelievable”.

He’s only been a part of training GB for two years and had hopes to be a part of the 2020 Olympics before the pandemic hit.

He made it clear that his success is dedicated to his dad who runs Sale West ABC and has “supported each day” of Patrick’s boxing career.

During conversation, Brown told NQ that boxing exposes the “depth” of someone’s character adding:

“It’s an addiction, you can’t stop”

Brown after qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympics

Hyperactive child

During conversation with Patrick, he explained how he originally started boxing because he was a “hyperactive child” who could release all of his energy in the gym.

Before starting his boxing career, Patrick dedicated his time to rugby and football until he realised his passion for boxing.

He went on to win two national titles at the three-nations boxing event.

Outside the ring, Patrick enjoys walking his dogs and playing golf with his friends. But going to the Olypics has “always been a lifelong dream”.

He said that “the build up to becoming an olympian is hard” but is excited to travel to America for his next training camp.

Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club

Born and raised in Sale, Patrick joined Moss Side Fire Station Boxing club in 2021 at the age of 20.

The club is run by Nigel Travis who also works next door as a firefighter.

The club was set up in 2008 by three Moss Side firefighters who aimed to raise aspirations of local youths.

The club says it “helps develop the personal attributes of the young individuals within the community we serve to reflect the qualities and attributes we value as fire fighters”.

Dave Russel, Greater Manchester’s Fire and Rescue service chief, dedicated a “special thanks” to Travis.

Russel also said Nigel “works tirelessly at the boxing club developing young people”. 

He believes “Pat’s incredible achievement will inspire other young people for many years to come”.

The gym’s motto: Disciple, Respect, and Courage, aims to tackle common issues within youths.

The team believe that the club is a safe environment to prevent young people in Moss side from falling into the wrong crowd.