Moss Side eco volunteers’ work cleaning up fly-tipping increases by a whopping 115%

  • Moss Side eco squad encourage community interaction through volunteering
  • Residents report fly-tipping as a ‘frequent problem’
  • North west has highest incidents of fly-tipping in alleyways in UK


It’s rubbish! Moss Side eco squad volunteers have collected 418 bags of litter over the past year.

That’s 224 more bags of rubbish collected than the previous year.

Rebecca Goulding, eco squad volunteer, told NQ: “We’ve had a great response from the local community. When people see us out litter picking, some thank us for what we’re doing and others ask how they can get involved.”

As well as encouraging individuals the eco squad organises monthly events loaning equipment to help tidy the community.

But now they want to clean up the image of the area too.

On the Moss Side Story site, they state: “Moss Side unfairly receives a lot of negative press and we, along with many other amazing residents and local groups, want to play a part in changing that narrative.”

Fly-tipping is a “frequent problem” in the area. The squad regularly reports dumped rubbish to Manchester city council.

However, fly-tipping is not unique to Manchester.

WasteDataFlow is a data collection system for the current Defra Waste Management Survey in England. Its latest study shows that while the north west ranks top in back alley tipping, Manchester itself has lower incidents than others in the region.

Rebecca says fly-tipping rubbish is “usually removed within a week but it often doesn’t take long for more rubbish to appear in its place. We would love to do more and see more being done to prevent this from happening”.

For those wanting to lend a hand, Rebecca explains “All equipment is provided, kids are welcome and there’s no need to book – just turn up on the day.”

Volunteers will meet for the next event off Laurel Av Image Rebecca Redican
Manchester volunteers are asked to meet at 11am for the next event

The next Eco Squad event is Saturday, 19 March. Volunteers are asked to meet at 11:00 at the corner of Laurel Avenue and Parkside Road.