Is more police presence needed around Christmas time in Manchester?

  • Northern Quota headed to the streets of Manchester to find out whether people feel safe during the Christmas period

With Manchester now on severe alert and the Christmas markets bringing in more people than ever, NQ headed to the streets to find out how safe people felt.

We asked: How safe do you feel Manchester is around Christmas time?

Colin, 54, a Big Issue seller on Oxford Road, said: “Well at the moment, with what’s happening in Liverpool and all that, just got to be on your guard, you know what I mean?

Big Issue seller Colin

“I mean, I see all sorts on this corner. I’ve seen all sorts in the past. Yeah, you just got to be vigilant.”

Amy, 28, a Manchester commuter, said: “I feel really safe around Manchester at Christmas. Absolutely fine.”

Anorther shopper added: “Pretty safe to be fair. Just at the weekend there can be a lot of weirdos about. People look out for each other though”

A couple walking across St Peters Square, Nathan, 31, and Roxy, 31, said: “After the recent news, we do feel not safe. We do feel a bit anxious around crowds.”