More than 100 people attend urban driving courses in Greater Manchester

  • Lessons are £10 and are subsidised by TfGM
  • Course contains theory and practical element 
  • Lessons run until end of September

More than 100 people attended a safe urban driving training course in order to keep pedestrians and cyclists safer within Manchester.

The course is run by the Nationwide Cycling Academy and designed for professional drivers to help identify vulnerable road users are, learning tips on how to share the road with pedestrians and cyclists in order to reduce accidents.

One of the attendees cycling as a part of the practical element

The price of the course per person is £10 and is subsidised by Transport for Greater Manchester.

The course contains two sections, a theory element where participants can learn information such as who is a vulnerable road user, and a practical element which gets drivers to cycle as a change of perspective from being a motorist.

A group of participants

GMP Superintendent Julie Ellison, who chairs the safer roads partnership, said: “Ensuring the safety of all road users is of critical importance to us, and these safe urban driving courses play an essential role in helping to reduce risks and accidents.

“Drivers operating in areas with high volumes of vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, are given guidance on how to share the road safely and reduce the risk for themselves and others.

“It’s encouraging to see that over 100 people, including drivers for commercial operators and sole traders, have completed the course, and I’d urge others who want their vehicles to be driven in the safest way possible to do the same.”

A participant cycing with a car behind him

Classes are running until late September and can be booked through the NCA website.