MMU Taekwondo sell out tickets for fourth year running of Fight Night sparring exhibition

  • MMU students union hosts the fourth Taekwondo Fight Night
  • Tickets sell out four years running
  • Fight Night sees first ever tag team match and gender mixed bout

MMU Fight Night once again sold out as students flocked to see an adrenaline pumped night of Taekwondo matches by the MMU team.

The fourth annual MMU Fight Night was held at the students union this week and lived up to its hype as the fighters brought their skills to the ring.

The style of Taekwondo used by the fighters, as described by MMU club Captain Alex Hume is “based on the traditional Shotokan style of Karate”.

A six by six-foot boxing ring was assembled in the SU hall and the bar was filled to watch members of the MMU Taekwondo team kick each other into next week.

Jess Stoddard, the hostess for the evening, opened the show by singing a cover of ‘It’s all coming back to me now’ by Celine Dion. Delivering an incredibly passionate performance, Jess received praise from the room.

The crowd was treated to an exciting routine performed by the MMU Cheer and MMU pole showed their support by acting as ring people for the rest of the evening. 

Sports Officer and head coach, Ross Sharman, refereed the fighters as they proceeded to entertain the crowd by kicking each other in the face.

The first fight saw Jenny Feron face Ella Murphy in a three-round bout under IFT Taekwondo rules.

Both fighters gave a skilled and fast-paced performance. The girls landed accurate headshots and displayed fierce punching power.

The judges declared Ella the winner by decision.

The second fight was held under Olympic Taekwondo rules as Jake Ockerby faced Lotte Evans. Both fighters hold black belts in the art, and each had an extensive competitive background.

Fighting in body armor, their balance and speed were crucial to victory. The fight ended with victory for Loti.

An anonymous crowd member loudly suggested: “Kick him in the baby maker!” 

For the first time ever on Fight Night, a four fighter tag team match was fought between Grace Evans and Ashleigh Kent against Tasha Lees and Rosie Walford.

The three round war saw both sides landing impressive shots, as well as a good display of dance moves in-between rounds.

Both sides would change partners in the event of their opponent getting tired.

All four fighters had their moments to dominate and stood up to the intensity of the match throughout.

After an adrenaline-fuelled bout victory went to Ashleigh and Grace.

In between matches, there was a display of board breaking, flying kicks, and self-defense techniques performed by all members of the club. The demonstration included a well-choreographed fight scene which was met with great acclaim from the audience.

One of the highlights of the night was the much-anticipated match between Sam Capp and Jerich Casiano.

The match was proceeded by an opening video displaying a feud as notorious as the McGregor and Khabib fight. Both fighters spilled their drinks over each other in the SU and since then have sworn vengeance upon each other.

Unlike the McGregor and Khabib match, this fight did not disappoint.

Both fighters had their moments and displayed a variety of techniques. Fists hammered on tables around the ring and the crowd cheered. Sam and Jerich brought out the excitement and adrenaline rush of the evening. The bout ended with Sam as the victor.

The final fight of the evening saw third-degree black belt Mark Bennett face Elliot McDonald, also a black belt with a background in kickboxing. Elliot fought in shorts while Mark wore the club’s traditional Gi.

Both fighters fought hard to round off the night. Mark was declared the winner by decision.

Joe Dunning, an assistant instructor of North Manchester TKD club with more than ten years experience, said:

Each fighter displayed the tenants of Taekwondo and it was brilliant. The demo team put on a fantastic show with only three weeks notice. Definately looking forward to Fight Night 5 

MMU Taekwondo put together an outstanding display of discipline, skill, and teamwork which made fight night the success it is every year.