MMU students annoyed at lack of bike racks outside the Geoffrey Manton building

  • Demolition works on the Mabel Tylecote building causing havoc for student cyclists
  • NQ spoke to some disgruntled students to get their reaction to the lack of safe spaces to chain their bikes

Students who cycle into the Geoffrey Manton building are taking grievances with the lack of places to chain their bikes. 

The demolition works to the Arts Building have meant that essential space, used previously for bike shelters, has been taken up by the heavy-duty equipment needed to knock down the old Mabel Tylecote building.

This has resulted in students having to find alternative spaces to lock their bikes to while they are in lectures and seminars. 

Sign asking students not to lock their bike to the fences
Sign warning students


Freya Wipock, a 2nd year at MMU, commenting on the lack of bike racks said:

"I've never had a proper place to lock my bike, there certainly needs to be more bike racks."

"There should be more of a campaign to get people cycling. They'd save so much money."

Jamie McDougall, another disgruntled MMU student, echoed the frustration:

"I always get to university at 10am, and there's literally no spaces left to chain my bike."

"It's not great, you have to find alternative spaces. I don't really feel too safe chaining my bike to the fence, but there's no other option."

Jamie McDougall
Annoyed student

When asked what he thought could be done to help the situation, Jamies replied:

"Just put more in. We definitely need more spaces, maybe a dedicated lock area for our bikes."

bikes chained up
bike chained up on the fence

A spokesman for the University said: “The demolition works associated with Mabel Tylecote require two shelters and a number of independent stands to be temporarily moved off site whilst imminent grounds works are completed to reinstate these to the rear of the Righton Building.

“In addition, the University has identified a number of locations to deliver additional cycle racks and secure storage providing over 150 spaces on campus over the coming weeks and investing in new shelters in the longer term.

“The Travel Team apologise for the temporary inconvenience but welcomes comments and feedback from students via the [email protected] address to help inform future investment.”