MMU Student wins the Louder Than Words’ prestigious Wilko Johnson Writing Award

  • MMU Alumni, Alex Tadros, has won this year Louder Than Word's Wilko Johnson Writing Award
  • The award will be presented earlier today at The Palace Hotel in Manchester


Alex Tadros, winner of the Wilko Johnson Writing Award 2016
Alex Tadros, winner of the Wilko Johnson Writing Award 2016

Former MA Multimedia Journalism student, Alex Tadros, will accept the Wilko Johnson Writing Award later tonight on the closing day of this year's Louder Than Words festival. 

We caught up with him to find out what it felt like to win the award, what inspired his award-winning piece, and if he has any advice for future writers. 

Full interview below: 
NQ: What did it feel like to win the Wilko Johnson award?

AT: It felt good, I didn't think I'd win, though! I just typed something up quick and sent it in when I heard about it. I'm very surprised with it to be honest, although it's a happy surprise which isn't too common in 2016…

NQ: What inspired you when writing your award winning piece? 

AT. Manchester certainly played a role. The piece was about how the internet affects gig going and music writing.

As a frequent gig goer in Manchester, I basically went on a little rant about how people should be more proactive in getting to shows.

NQ: Did your time on the MA journalism course help you write the piece?

AT: Yes, in some ways it did! My time at MMUdefinitely improved my writing, especially for a formal setting. Although, saying that, my submission to the Wilko Johnson award was actually quite informal, it even got a little bit… sweary haha!

NQ: What are your plans moving forward, do you plan to continue writing?

AT: I definitely plan to continue writing yes, especially about music and the vibrant music scene in Manchester, which isn't as isolated in its past glories as some would say.

NQ: Any advice to young, aspiring writers?

AT: I'd just recommend getting your writing out there. Apply for awards and competitions and submit your articles to everyone and anyone who'll have them. Except for The Sun… don't write for The Sun!